Installing HD 6950 without much room.

Hello, I have a Dell inspiron 620 and want to install a good GPU like the HD 6950,. My only problem would be that the PCI slot is to close to the ram chips and there's no room at all for a decent GPU. So i was wondering if a flexible pci raiser card would hinder the card if i used it to mount the card.
p.s i wont spend much on the raiser card, probably an inexpensive one from ebay.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I don’t know much on riser cards, though a quick look some people have had success with rackmount 1u riser expansion cards.

    Be careful how you go about this though, make sure your case & screws will align properly with the expansion card and gpu.

    Also your Dell has a 300w psu. Unfortunately that won’t be enough for a 6950, you will experience loss of power and shutdowns when the graphics card starts to windup. On the amd website the system requirement is a 500w psu.

    I recommend upgrading either the psu if you want a more powerful gpu or settle with a lesser version to fit in with your current specs.
  2. Thanks for the help. Also now that you've mentioned it I looked into getting a psu. I was thinking this one would be good enough
  3. it’s good, it'll do the job.
  4. Ok, thanks for your help.
  5. can I get an update?
  6. actually yes, So i proceeded to order the HD Radeon 6950 Sapphire, Dirt 3 edition and the psu 650w. and also the pci raiser cord. The HD 6950 came in the mail first with the psu, so i decided to tinker with it and see if it could fit the card in after i got the psu in. the psu fit fine of course, and i literally just barely managed to squeeze the HD 6950 in, with less than a centimeter to spare. it is an extremely close fit, but so far i've had absolutely no problems with it and it works fine!and i haven't experienced overheating, even tho i unlocked the bios and set the core clocks to that of a 6970. i didn't really need to used the pci raiser card. so its just sitting on my shelf collecting dust. Its been running strong for roughly a month now.
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