What is the speed difference between celeron and pentium m processors

I am wondering what is the difference in speed etc. between a laptop wit a celeron cpu and a laptop with a pentium m processor. I have both just wondering which one is the better all around processor.
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  1. The difference is that the Celeron CPU is for older computers and are made for basic things to do in a computer.
    The Pentium is a more stable CPU that is for average computers and are made for advanced things.

    Pentium is better, stable and faster than the Celeron

    Good Luck!
  2. ^^ BS

    It really depends on which celeron and which pentium M you have. If they are from the same 'family', like Dothan, then at the same clock speed the pentium will be slightly faster than the same family Dothan thanks to its more abundant cache.

    In many cases Celeron is faster than Pentium M. even when they are at the same clock speed. For example the Celeron name is still being used while the penium M ended at about 2.2/2.3ghz. For example: its possible to get a sandy bridge celeron like the b840 that will blow the doors off any pentium m all while the celeron is over 300mhz slower.
  3. Celerons are for low budget computers and laptops not old ones, they are slightly cut down versions of higher end CPUs, celerons are 'stable', the newer ones could be used for a low budget gaming system if put with a suitable graphics card.

    The speed difference is not a massive difference, the pentium can maybe handle heavy workloads easier because of the larger cache.
    If you are doing basic stuff then there isn't much difference.
    A pentium is atleast 10% faster than a celeron.

    Laptop celerons are getting a little better, most modern celerons would out perform pentium m.

    Depends what celeron and pentium you are talking about and what other hard ware its paired with, the one with more RAM will perform better for example.
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