Llano APU + 6670 = triple monitors?

Hey guys, Question:

I currently run 3 monitors, two off my HD6670, and a third from a HD2350,
The 6670 doesn't have a display port which is why I used an old HD2350 for the third monitor.

If I was to buy an A8-3870K based PC and paired it with my current HD6670... can I use my 6670's outputs for two of my monitors, and the 6550D to run the third?

I ask because I can only find two sites that give info on this.
One says
"Dual Graphics will let you drive up to five displays simultaneously"
but ATI says
"Dual Graphics is a form of AMD CrossFireX™ Technology and with the current solution only displays from the 'master' graphics device are available"
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  1. What exactly are you trying to do? is this for productivity? or gaming? You need an eyefinity card with display port for gaming. For productivity you wouldn't run them in dual graphics mode in the first place, you'd use them as seperate cards, like your doing now.

    So buying a new CPU and board, and possibly memory since APUs need fast memory, just to do what you're already doing seems like a bad idea. You could just buy a 7850 at that point... What is your current system.
  2. Ah so you can still use them separately at the same time? That's perfect. This is for mainly productivity, as my current system is
    Celeron E3300 @ 3.31GHz (oc)
    Gigabyte G31MXP-K Mobo
    4GB DDR2 800
    HD6670 1GB (Pcie x16)
    HD2350 64mb (Pcie x1)

    I basically want to get rid of the HD2350 because it doesn't support UVD, the FM1 format seemed a good option for me aswell because the igp lets me throw it away and use less Watts = cheaper system to run.

    I just want the Mobo CPU & ram combo at the moment, as I'll be keeping everything else on my system. So would this be a good trio:
    CPU - AMD Llano A6 A3500 - 2.1GHz
    Mobo - Asrock A75M-HVS
    RAM - Corsair 8GB 2x4GB DDR3 1600MHz XMS3 kit

    I aim to keep my HD6670 because it doesn't require additional power and it offers me acceptable performance, but i'd like to upgrade to USB3, sata3 aswell.

    Budget to upgrade those three components = £150ish
  3. Just something to consider, Trinity APUs are supposed to be out the end of this quarter, with decent boosts. Cost may be higher too though. the reason I mention it is because the CPU socket will change, and Trinity wont work on an FM1 board if you wanted to upgrade down the road. I don't like buying sockets when they are about to change, especially since OEM windows is tied to the motherboard.

    You could also use Intel CPUs with built in gpus if its just for productivity. AMD APUs would let you turn on dual graphics and automatically make the master the 6770 though if you wanted to game on 1 or 2 monitors, then turn it back off for productivity on all 3
  4. I've not been able to run three monitors (2 off HD6670 and 1 off APU). I read up somewhere that the HD6670 cant run more than one despite the DVI and VGA port. So You can enable multi monitor in your BIOS, run the APU and GPU in crossfire, then plug in one monitor to the HD6670 card (set the card as your primary card in your BIOS) and the second monitor into the VGA port on your Mobo (this is where the APU integrated GPU will power it). You won't get 3 monitors but at least you got more than one.
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