Will a coolermaster hyper 212 fit in my antec one case?

I got the i5 3570K And I heard I need to get a aftermarket CPU cooler.

I have the Antec One gaming case, and I'm wondering if the Coolermaster Hyper 212 will fit with this case.
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  1. it will fit. i have it installed in an antec 300, the antec one is actually slightly wider then the 300 (8.2" vs 8.1")
  2. You do not need an after market cooler unless you plan to overclock. The stock fan will be fine if you are just keeping the i5 at stock.

    I wouldn't put the 212+ on until you are ready to OC, as putting a aftermarket cooler on voids the warranty on the CPU.
  3. @Rock: Even if I don't overclock at first, will it run Arma 2 and Guild wars 2 smoothly though?
  4. If you are planning to do intense gaming or have a lot on your system, the hyper 212 evo is the perfect choice as it is the best cooler on the market for its price.

    But like said above, if you are running it normally, then stock fans would work just fine.
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