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hey so I finally got my graphics card back, I put it in and turned on my computer, and it started up normally. I logged in, and realized that my computer wasn't using my graphics card, so I disabled Intel Graphics. Bad idea. After the screen turned black, i turned it off and restarted. Nothing showed up. I unplugged the graphics card. The screen came back. I plugged it back in, and the bios wouldn't show up and I can't get it to work. What do I do?

radeon hd 6950 2gb graphics card
asrock extreme3 gen3 motherboard
i5 2500k processor
12gb ram
750w PSU
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  1. Pull the CMOS battery on your mobo. Before you open the case, I like to unplug the system, switch the power to off, and then hold the power button for 10-20 seconds to verify all the power is out of the system. Then before I touch any components, I touch the PSU casing to ground myself.

    Now, the CMOS battery should be the little guy that looks like the really expensive flat battery (Button Battery), and it will be on your mobo somewhere (Varies model to model). After removing, wait about a minute, then replace the battery (MAKE SURE THIS IS IN ALL THE WAY BEFORE YOU BOOT!). Flip the power switch, plug it back in, and fire it back up. You BIOS is now reset and the Intel Graphics should be back up and running.

    Look in your manual for a BIOS setting that will allow you to SWITCH to dedicated graphics, if you try to turn it off again, you will have to do this again and lose your BIOS settings all over again.
  2. ^+1
    Before you do this make sure you have gotten rid of all the old drivers.
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