Sapphire HD6450 Flex, Dell OptiPlex 790, and CrossFire

The above thread is closed but I was wondering if anyone could answers the following queston:

How is the Sapphire HD6450 Flex working out for the 790 in terms of power supply, etc?

I've currently got the 790, two monitors, and Dell's version of the HD 6450. I was wondering about either sending it back to get the Sapphire HD6450 Flex so that I have a the option to add a third monitor down the road? Or alternatively keeping the Dell HD 6450 with the idea of maybe adding dual graphics cards via CrossFire down the road?

Does anyone know if it would be possible to use CrossFire with the Saphire and Dell 6450s? If not, would it work for two of the Dell 6450s? Which of these two combinations would be better?

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  1. Btw, here is the Dell 790 spec sheet:

    From this manual it looks like one of the PCI-e slots is x16 and the other is PCI-e x4. However, on Dell's website I've read that both are PCI-e slot x16 with one being "wired x4", whatever that means:

    Is there a way to check and see if my second PCI-e slot is x4 or x16? Update: I plugged my 6450 into the bottom PCI-e slot and used GPU-Z, and it says the card is running at x4 :(

    As it looks like I do in fact have x4 does trying do a CrossFire configuration with a x4 PCI-e slot make no sense? Would there be a way to easily upgrade the x4 slot to x16?

    Last, I've read comments that CrossFiring two HD 6450 cards is pretty pointless and I was wondering if others agree? I can't find any reviews online of CrossFired HD 6450s. Any idea what I would be able to do with CrossFired 6450s compared to a single 6450?

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