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Ok i bought a new graphics card and power supply power supply is 500w and graphics card is a asus geforce gtx 550ti it works perfect intill i go and play a game so i tried to boot up star wars: the old republic and it try to boot it up and then either my monitor says its disconnected form the computer like if your computer was turned off or i get a green screen saying shutting down to prevent any damage wtf is wrong with it i instill the latest drivers and my old one was amd 5770 seiries is it overheating and if so how can i prevent that?
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  1. what? Please re state your question.
  2. ^Agreed

    From what I can tell, you are saying the computer shut down and said it was trying to prevent damage? This can be a multitude of things, but before anyone is going to be able to help you, we need to make sure what you are saying.
  3. ok i bought a new graphics card (asus geforce gtx 550 ti) and a new power supply (500w) it works fine in till i start up a game (star wars the old republic) it will seem like its loading then either 1: my monitor cant find my computer video but my computer is on or 2: a blue or green screen comes up (think its green bad memory lol) saying something like restarting computer to prevent damage to computer i dont know why or whats wrong with it only when i try to load up a game! is that better? or do i need more details cant really give any more (im really dumb sorry)
  4. Try to run memtest86+ three times over for good measure. If there arn't any errors, I highly doubt its the RAM.
  5. anyone know whats up? oh and i just changed it today i was playing everything yesterday but on different graphics

    system specs

    Introduction date
    Country/region sold in:
    •United States
    Base processor
    Phenom II X6 1045 (T) 2.7 GHz (95W)
    •4000 MHz HyperTransport 3.0
    •Socket AM3
    AMD 785G
    •Manufacturer: Foxconn
    •Motherboard Name: H-ALVORIX_HF-RS880-uATX
    •HP/Compaq motherboard name: Alvorix-GL8E
    Power supply
    Component Attributes
    Memory Installed 8 GB
    Maximum allowed 16 GB (4 x 4 GB) (64-bit OS)

    4 GB* (4 x 1 GB) (32-bit OS)

    *Actual available memory may be less
    Speed supported PC3-10600 MB/sec
    Type 240 pin, DDR3

    Hard drive
    •1 TB SATA 3G (3.0 Gb/sec)
    •7200 rpm
    SuperMulti Blu-ray Player with LightScribe Technology drive
    •Interface: SATA
    •Data buffer memory: 2 MB minimum
    •LightScribe: yes
    •Disc diameter: 120 mm
    •Write and read speeds for supported formats and disc types are shown in this table:
    Formats/Disc types Write speeds Read speeds Storage capacity
    Blu-ray Disc
    BD-ROM SL NA up to 6X up to 25 GB
    BD-ROM DL NA up to 4.8X up to 50 GB
    BD-R SL not supported up to 6X up to 25 GB
    BD-R DL not supported up to 4.8X up to 50 GB
    BD-RE SL not supported up to 2.3X up to 25 GB
    BD-RE DL not supported up to 2X up to 50 GB
    HD DVD not supported
    DVD-ROM SL NA up to 16X up to 4.7 GB
    DVD-ROM DL NA up to 8X up to 8.5 GB
    DVD+R SL up to 16X up to 12X up to 4.7 GB
    DVD+R DL up to 4X up to 8X up to 8.5 GB
    DVD+RW SL up to 8X up to 10X up to 4.7 GB
    DVD+RW DL not supported
    DVD-R SL up to 16X up to 12X up to 4.7 GB
    DVD-R DL up to 4X up to 8X up to 8.5 GB
    DVD-RW SL up to 6X up to 10X up to 4.7 GB
    DVD-RW DL not supported
    DVD-RAM up to 5X up to 5X up to 4.7 GB
    CDROM NA up to 40X up to 700 MB
    CDR up to 40X up to 40X up to 700 MB
    CDRW up to 24X up to 40X up to 700 MB
    CD-DA NA up to 32X up to 700 MB
    Video CD NA up to 10X up to 700 MB

    802.11 b/g/n PCI express wireless half-length mini card
    Video Graphics
    Radeon HD5570 (1 GB)
    •1 GB onboard memory
    •I/O Ports: HDMI, DVI, and DisplayPort (DVI-to-VGA adapter cable)
    High Definition 8-channel audio
    •ALC 888S-VD chipset
    Network (LAN)
    Integrated 10/100 Base-T networking interface
    Memory card reader
    •Supports the following cards:
    ◦Compact Flash I
    ◦Compact Flash II
    ◦IBM Microdrive
    ◦Secure Digital (SD)
    ◦MultiMediaCard (MMC)
    ◦Reduced size MultiMediaCard (RS-MMC)
    ◦MultiMediaCard Plus (MMC plus)
    ◦MultiMediaCard Mobile (MMC mobile)
    ◦Memory Stick
    ◦Memory Stick Pro
    ◦Memory Stick Duo
    ◦Memory Stick Pro Duo
    ◦xD Picture Card (xD = extreme digital)
    External I/O ports
    I/O ports on the front panel
    Port type Quantity
    15-in-1 (4 slot) One
    USB One
    Headphone One
    Microphone One

    I/O ports on the back panel
    Port type Quantity
    Electrical S/PDIF Output (RCA) One
    VGA One (disabled due to the installation of a graphics card)
    DVI-D One
    USB 2.0 Four
    LAN One
    Audio (side speaker out, rear speaker out, center/subwoofer-out , line-in, line-out, microp
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