Choice of two builds, what is best setup for gaming?

First Setup...

CPU: AMD FX 8150
Motherboard: Asrock 970 Extreme4
GPU: 2x6850 (2GB Versions)
Ram: 16GB DDR3 1600Mhz
HDDs: 1x 1TB 7200Rpm, 1x500gb 7200Rpm
PSU: 1000W


Second Setup...

CPU: i7 3820
Motherboard: BIOSTAR TPOWER X79
GPU: 2x6850 (2GB Versions)
Ram: 16GB DDR3 1600Mhz
HDD's: 1x1TB 7200Rpm, 1x500gb 7200Rpm
PSU: 100W

Thanks, it would be greatly appreciated if you could help as wil be purchasing the components in about two weeks time.
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  1. the intel build will smoke the AMD in terms of performance.

    Why are you going straight in with 2 cards though? a single more powerful GPU will offer similar performance but MUCH better upgrade potential (since you can drop in a seond din the future when prices drop)

    also, the amount of RAM is overkill, and the PSU is WAY overkill. you could power 4 cards on that. a decent quality 650w PSU would be more than enough. just make sure its from a reliable brand like corsair or seasonic.
  2. I have went for two cards becouse I cannot afford one modern card...

    Id like to be future safe so what psu would I need for a triple crossfire setup?
  3. the point is you just spend the same ammount. whatever you are spending on those two cards, spend on a single card of the same price but higher performance.
    yes, its may perform slightly worse (but will at least be consistent, which certainly can't be said of multi card setups) but it means you will be able to upgrade sooner, for less cash and get more performance. (3 card scaling is considerably worse than dual card)

    as for the PSU, it depends on what 3 cards you want. but a decent 850w will power any two High end card, or 3 lower end ones (easily 3 6850, it would probably handle 4 of those)
  4. Im comfused on the LGA 2011 motherboard, It states it supports crossfire x4 but there are only 3 PCIE X16 Slots?
  5. Also, what graphics card would you recommend, The plan was to run BF3 on Ultra.
  6. Ok, ive got choice of two motherboards there basically the same price...

    They are: MSI X79A-GD45 and BIOSTAR TPOWER X79, What do you reckon is best choice?
  7. third setup

    CPU:i7 2600k
    Motherboard: z68 mobo
    GPU: whatever video card you want with all the money u saved
    Ram: 8GB DDR3 1600Mhz
    HDD's: 1x1TB 7200Rpm,
    PSU: 700W

    this will go as fast as the i73820 setup in games which is what im assuming its for by your gfx setup and totally beat down anything from amd and with all the cash u save u can buy any video card on the market. KW power supply is overkill and 8gb is enough ram at the moment and is easily added later if need be
  8. Is this a reasonable motherboard if I went for your "Third Setup", ASUS Rampage II Gene ROG
  9. LGA 2011 will cost me a complete fortune, the CPU I can justify but not exactly the motherboard cost...

    Its now a toss up between LGA 1336 and AM3+
  10. Or just go with LGA 1155..
  11. Id go 1155 .. cheap, stable, still ivy compatible for a future upgrade , z68 if u have the cash for it, and 2500k or 2600k
  12. electricfirebolt said:
    Is this a reasonable motherboard if I went for your "Third Setup", ASUS Rampage II Gene ROG

    thats high end kit, i would only get it if you have money to waste otherwise there are plenty of mid range boards to choose from i also noticed they are selling the z77's now too, the asus z77 sabertooth looks like a nice board
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