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2 converters same card

I currently have two VGA monitors. My soon-to-be new computer comes with an AMD Radeon 6770 card with dual DVI connections. Is is safe to use two DVI / VGA converters on the same card?
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  1. yep, why wouldn't it be 'safe'?
  2. CaedenV said:
    yep, why wouldn't it be 'safe'?

    I don't know..."2" much of a good thing...seems like it wouldn't be the way the card was intended to be used. Just wanted to be sure it wouldn't have adverse effect in the long run.
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    Nope, it will have no negative adverse affects. The reason they include 2 DVI connections is that they are better than VGA connections. They allow for higher resolutions and are digital signals so they are not affected by cable quality. The only downside to using VGA cables is reduced image quality.
  4. Alright cool. I'm the obsessive type that likes to worry about stuff. I appreciate the quick replies...thank you!
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