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Hello All,

I'm building a new system, and was wondering which video card will suffice or compare with the GTX 460. The computer will be mostly used for gaming, multimedia, and some software (light photoshop etc.) Also, what is your take on this new system build, anything you would have done better or different?

CPU: AMD Phenom ii x4 960

Motherboard: MSI 880G-E45

GPU: GeForce GTX 460

RAM: Corsair DDR3 1333 8GB

HDD: Seagate Barracuda Green 5900 RPM 2TB

No Optical Drive

PSU: Corsair 430w

All responses are greatly appreciated
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  1. the 6850 is comparible to the 460 and uses less power.
  2. 6850, you could go gtx 560 or 6870 for a slight upgrade. what is your budget? why must it be comparable to a gtx 460?

    might upgrade the psu for some overhead, would upgrade to a 7200 hd even if you have to downgrade to 1tb. I would probably buy a 500 gb 7200 hard drive and then purchase a larger one when needed due to the high cost of hdd.
  3. The GTX 460 is still a decent card. I have one ( overclocked to 820-1640-2000 from 675-1350-1800 stock ) and it pretty much allows me to max out the games I play at 1920 x 1080. I do not play alot of FPS style games though and this card would probably struggle a bit more with MW3/Battlefield 3 ect.

    I would recommend against using a "Green " hard drive. Unless you plan on adding an SSD you would be better off with a 7200RPM performance drive like the Samsung Spinpoint F3, WD Caviar Black or Seagate Barracuda 7200.12. AMD chips like faster memory too so if you can get DDR3 1600 or faster that would help overall system responsiveness especially if you are going to overclock.

    Overall it's a nice well balanced build.
  4. yes, i was looking into that as well, but at the moment pny is offering the gtx 460 for a 100$ (120-20 rebate). as compared to the 140$ 6850

    needs to be comparable because pny has a gtx 460 for a 100$, so i was wondering if there is anything better for a 100 $

    and anort3, if i play MW3/BF3 with the gtx 460 on a 1900x1200 27" monitor do you think it will turn out decent/ not high end just good quality 35+ fps
  5. is it the 1 gb version of the 460?
  6. which specific card? thats a good deal for a gtx 460. You won't find another card that is comparable to the performance for cheaper.
  7. what resolution are you gaming at?
    what games do you want to play and at what settings?

    no matter what that is a pretty good deal.
  8. that amazing deal got sold out pretty fast lol.
  9. 1900x1200 27" LED monitor

    gta4/5 when released/max settings
    civilization 5/ max settings

    well now that apparently 1 hour after i found this, they run out of stock, i guess i'll be looking at the radeon 6770.
    any comments on those?
  10. join the waiting list, probably wont get lucky but the gtx 460 is better than the 6770 by a decent amount.
  11. well, thanks to all for such quick replies. Any more gpu suggestions will be appreciated alternative to gtx 460/ 100 or less
  12. Buy 2 of the 460's if you can and SLI them
  13. that 6770 is the best you are going to get for under 100.00, sorry about not replying quick enough.

    Edit. He can't buy the 460s they are sold out
  14. Yep the HD6770 is about it for less than $100 and it is quite a bit less powerful than the 460 1GB. That sux it sold out. I paid $225 for my GTX460 a year and a half ago when they were brand new!
  15. Quote:
    ...was wondering which video card will suffice or compare with the GTX 460...

    Is this why you wanted the GTX460?

    March 2012 GPU Guide
    Scroll Down to the Red Box that says "Best Prices for Tested Products"

    March 2012 CPU Guide
    Scroll Down to the Red Box that says "Best Prices for Tested Products"

    $100-$160 Z68 MotherBoard Review
    Scroll Down to the Red Box that says "Best Prices for Tested Products"

    $150-$200 P67 Motherboard Review
    Scroll Down to the Red Box that says "Best Prices for Tested Products"

    Power Supply 101

    $600 System Builder Marathon

    Lots of interesting stuff in the articles section. I haven't even begun to know enough to help someone else with their build. I just thought I could drop these articles for you. Let me know how it goes, we may be doing the same type of build...
  16. hey why dont you get a hd 7770 for 200$ or wait or a hd 7850 at 249$. also you may need to upgrade your psu.
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