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I am planning on selling my laptop and building a desktop computer with a little extra cash. My budget is around 850 max, i don't need OS, and I just need a 80GB hard drive, cuz im gonna upgrade later. I am getting a i5 2500k, and I have a hard time deciding whether to get the Hd6870 for a little cheaper , or the GTX560ti 448Core 1280MB edition, or should I just wait to get the 7950 or 7870 by squeezing a little more cash. And does anyone have any clue when the GTX600 series is gonna be released. BTW, im planning on either selling the card im getting in 2 years and getting the highest end one, or i might just sli or xfire a year later.
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  1. don't get the 448 core if you want to crossfire later as supply of those are limmited and you might not be able to find one later.

    I'd suggest waiting til at least the release of the 7950 which is said to be jan 31. the 600 series is rumoured to come out in feb but is still very vague.

    As of right now, I think you can get the 560 ti without the need to spend on the 448 core.
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