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For gamming purposes I am wondering what numbers I should weigh more heavly than others. for a cpu and mobo. because the parts I have my eyes on are > than the recomended builds for gamming so im just wondering if I am missing something.

AMD FX-4170
both for $270

but I keep seeing other budget builds spending the same and not even near the same numbers that I see
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    The FX processors aren't that great and they have a lot of compatibility problems that no other processor type has.

    It is an FX slot and you would think that if you just bought a motherboard that says FX on it that it would work, but unlike every other processor it isn't that simple with FX.

    Its quite often that a FX board doesn't even recognize a FX processor.

    I usually just suggest to stay away from FX because of all the problems with them. They flopped in the marketplace for a few reasons, most of which were good ones.

    For processor + motherboard I would suggest you get an i5-2400 and a Gigabyte 1155 motherboard in the $90 - $125 range.

    - Edit - Those two things I said should come to about the same $270.

    That would be a whole lot more powerful, it would make less heat, use less power, and the motherboard is guaranteed to recognize the processor from the moment you plug it in.
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