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Hi awsome peeple of Toms hardware :) busy building an oldish pc (my old hardware) for my fiance, she likes Skyrim,Diablo etc far its a core2deo e6550,gigabyte g41,4gm 1333mhz ram,500gb hdd,21inch samsung screen,360watt coolermaster psu,coolermaster micro atx chassis, the games will run at 1680x1440...i need a graphics card that will not bottleneck, i was looking at the radeon 6770...will that be enough to run skyrim at med-high? i will buy a new psu and prob a cooler to clock the cpu to atleast 3ghz since its only a 2.33.

Thanx in advance :)
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  1. 6670 or 6770.
  2. So you think the 6770 will do without bottleneck and will run at that resolution without probs?
  3. I think the 6770 is the sweet spot. More powerful cards would be a waste, your CPU couldn't "run it".
    Weaker card won't let you play nicely these games.
  4. after getting a better psu like corsair builder cx 430 v2 or cx 500 v2, a radeon hd 6670 1 gb gddr5 or radeon hd 5770/6770 or 6790 depending on your budget for cooler, gfx card and psu. for cooler, coolermaster hyper 212+.
  5. GTX 460 1 Gb, pro card
  6. Had the 6770 in mind all the time, happy to see you guys recommend it aswell! Hyper 212 rocks! Buck for bang, will prop get a coolermaster or corsair psu :D
  7. low end coolermaster... those are known to be overrated and underperforming.
    look for psus from good brands like corsair/antec/seasonic/enermax etc. cm psus are hit or miss, low end ones are mostly miss afaik.
  8. 5770 manages skyrim on high for my friend who plays it at 1366x768.

    So probably consider a 6770, though a 6790 would be perfect if funds allow it.

    Hyper 212 is good. Agree with de5_roy on the PSU part, though my CM psu, a GX550W, is a good stable unit. Generally, go with the others.
  9. Cm silent pro gold is a great psu atleast for me :D
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