My Xbox360 is wanting a WEP key for my network so that I can connect wirelessly via external networking adaptor. I've been told by Apple techs that my Airport isn't compatible with Airport Utility software, so they can't find my WEP key... Bah! I have been looking for this thing for days now. Can someone PLEASE help me? I'm on a Mac by the way...
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  1. is it possible to change your router from WEP mode to WPA2 mode?

  2. The fact that your X-Box can't connect is nothing to do with your Mac - if that can connect the Airport is working properly. Use it to get in contact with your router by typing the router's address into Safari's URL bar then find the security key and tell the X-Box what it is.

    WEP is not the safest security level so if it is that low level, change it to WPA at the least but preferably WPA2.

  3. Airport Utility won't tell me my IP address because my "old base station isn't compatible with that software". That's what Apple techs told me when they looked at it.

    And I don't know how to change any of those fancy little acronyms... I figure mine uses WEP. Is it simple to change it to WPA?

  4. It should be simple enough once you get inside the router's settings pages. Look first for Wireless then for Security and you should see the option to make the change. Apart form security reasons, you won't want anyone else sharing your DSK bandwidth when you're playing online so stepping up the security is a must.

  5. @Saga Lout & @Emerald: Apple Airports must be setup using the Airport utility. They are not like other wireless routers.

    @kandrew93: Why can't you install the version of the Airport Utility software that is compatible with your Airport? Didn't it come with a CD?
  6. A friend brought us that airport and hooked it up for us, so we don't have any of the literature or CDs that came with it.
    But looking through Airport Utility, I found a password under some wireless tab, checked the box that says to show it in the keychain, and I looked it up in Keychain Access. And it worked. Yay. Thanks for the help, guys. :)
  7. FWIW, you can download all versions of the Airport Utility from Apple.

  8. I assumed Airport as in the Airport wireless adapter inside the MAC - sorry for any confusion.

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