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I just had to have my hard drive replaced; now when I try to run a game that I ran previously with no problems, I get an error message that no supported video graphics card is detected. I know that my laptop has a NVIDIA card that is compatible with the game I am trying to run and the NVIDIA files still show under the windows folders, but in the device manager the only graphics card listed is the standard VGA card. Will downloading the NVIDIA drivers help or what do I have to do to get my laptop to acknowledge the NVIDIA card?

I'm not too proud to admit that I have NO experience/knowledge with this sort of thing; any suggestions/ideas are very, very appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. Download/Install the nVidia drivers. If it still is giving you troubles, download a driver cleaner (I like this one http://www.guru3d.com/category/driversweeper/) and remove all of the drivers (Make sure you have a backup of your wifi card, etc in case Windows doesn't or can't install stock drivers for them). Then reboot and reinstall drivers. Should work after that.
  2. I'll definitely try that - I was headed in that direction but just got cold feet...wasn't sure if I was just going to compound the problem - not that I've ever done that :) Thanks!
  3. Always download the drivers before preceding to anything else. Note that well :).
  4. Driversweeper has been discontinued. Try ccleaner instead.
  5. Onus said:
    Driversweeper has been discontinued. Try ccleaner instead.

    Really? Darn, I really liked it.
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