Soundblaster X-Fi Extreme Audio Dolby over Optical + Tritton AX Pro


I bought a PCI Express Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio for my Tritton AX Pros, as my mainboard does not feature an optical S/PDIF. I connected the Trittons with the optical cable and the usb connector to the PC.

I got the following problem: No matter what I do, I only get stereo input at the tritton decoder box. I used the Dolby Surround test in that you can reach properties of the SPDIF playback device that you can reach with the volume controls in windows 7. That did work, the Trittons reacted accordingly.

Every other source of DS does not work. No movies, no games. Also, the Tritton control on the cable does not seem to work, maybe because my system detects the usb as an audio device, too?

I have the catalyst driver version 12.6 installed and heard it might have something to do with that...

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Your Tritton AX Pros bypass your sound card since it uses it's own sound card connecting via USB. No matter what, you will not be able to improve the audio of your Tritton AX Pros unfortunately with another sound card if you are using the external decoder box. Rather, you have to connect your 5.1 audio ports directly to the sound card, in which if you were already doing and I missed reading it, you should be able to use your DS on your 5.1 headphones. I'll throw an image.

  2. Well I am pretty sure that that's not quite correct, as the ax pros work correctly when connected to my TV/PS3 with the optical connection. I think my problem is that my soundcard thinks it needs to output stereo on the optical S/PDIF, and I have searched everything, but found no option to change that.
  3. I agree that's a bit late but that could help people...
    The AX PRO works with Dolby Digital Live, via an additional PC sound card's S/PDIF out(Most motheboards don't handle DDLive), to the AX PRO sound card.
    The PC sound card NEEDS to handle dolby digital live, and to have it enabled for the AX PRO sound card to switch to Dolby Digital mode.

    Source: I have the Tritton AX PRO, running everything in Dolby Digital, via Creative soundblaster X-FI surround 5.1 PRO(USB sound card). It doesnt need to be an excellent card, it just needs to transfer the unmodified Dolby Digital live signal from the mainboard to the sound card's S/PDIF out, then the AX PRO sound card will handle the work. Also plug the usb, it will be used to handle communications functions.

    PS: Ensure you get a Dolby Digital LIVE card...
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