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Case airflow

Hey guys, Im building a new comp and using a cooler master storm enforcer case to do it. right now, my airflow is set up as a front 200mm intake fan, and a rear 120mm exhaust fan and top 200mm exhaust fan. also, my CM 212 heat sink is aimed at the rear exhaust fan. my question is, the spot for the bottom mounted PSU has a grid on the bottom for airflow, so should the PSU be blowing air out of that, or would that mess up airflow because some air goes out the top and some out the bottom? should the PSU be upside-down to blow air up towards the 200m exhaust? thanks for any answers!
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    Actually you are considering the PSU airflow backward here. The airflow goes through the fan and out of the back ofthe PSU. Your question is really do you want to use it as an exhaust (fan up) or have it sucking fresh air into itself (fan down).
    I would personally go fan down here.
  2. oh does the PSU suck in from the lower grid? i thought it blew out :P (this is my first build and i haven't received the PSU package yet) if that's the case, then this makes a lot more sense haha. i was a bit confused about why the airflow would be so weird like that XD, thanks for clearing that up.
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