AMD Dual Graphics Set-up help!

Hello, I have the new A6-3670K with F1A75-V EVO and a HD6670, but I can not for the life of me get the dual gfx to work. The BIOS is nothing like ASROCK or Gigabyte, and it seems like I can only have onboard or dedicated, even though the board supports the AMD Dual GFX feature. My BIOS is up to date, and everytime I go to the AMD VISION center, it'll say one of the video cards is disabled.

Does anyone know how to help me set this shtuff up?
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  1. Where do you connect the monitor? If you connect it to the discrete video card port, transfer it to the video port on the motherboard or vice versa.
  2. Are both the integrated and dedicated detected under device manager/display adapters? It's usually best to leave BIOS set to IGFX and your monitor plugged into the motherboard ports to start with. Multi Monitor should also be on in BIOS.
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