Advice needed - GTX560 TI versus HD6950 - Other suggestions welcome

So I'm in the process of assembling a new PC, seeing as I fear that my old one might explode soon.
I've already selected everything expect the GPU.

The hardware so far:
CPU - I5-2500k
Motherboard - GIGABYTE GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3
RAM - CORSAIR Vengeance
PSU - CORSAIR Enthusiast Series TX650 V2 650W

The biggest problem I'm facing so far is finding a suitable GPU for my setup.
I've been split between the GTX560 TI and the HD6950 (Both the 2GB version) - Simply cant decide what to go with. I'm open for other suggestions than my preffered choices.
Seeing as my budget is limited, the price range is 250$ - 300$. The hardware market prices in Denmark and the US are very different, but I believe I've hit the spot with the current price range. (If anyone should be interested my budget is about 2000DKR. - Pretty hard to compare to a foreign market.)

I will be playing a lot on this system! Mostly games like Battlefield 3, Skyrim (With HD Texture Packs, which is a bit more taxing on the GPU) and ArmA2.
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  1. 6950
  2. 560ti Hawk or the 560ti 448 will get you more frames then the 6850, and you'll get Physx (if you care).

    Don't bother with 2 gig, it's useless on those cards.
  3. Doesn't matter. Get 560 Ti if you have a small case.
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