Water spill on computer while running, is everything fried?

Hey so yesterday i had a glass of water that just barley spilled on my computer, from the looks of things water only really hit the psu, but it may have hit the motherboard, the computer was on when it happened. I did the stupid mistake of trying to power it up right after the spill, and all that happened was the blue LED's came on for like .5 of a second, then turned off. None of the fans spin or anything just a .5 second flash of the leds, and it did the same thing again this morning after letting it dry out in a warm room for the night

Do you think everything is fried? or just the motherboard and psu? or should i just assume everything in it is fried and start from scratch? Is it a risk to put the gpu/cpu/hdd/ram i had in a new computer and try it?

This really sucks
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  1. power supply would likely be toast. though it might not have fried the rest of your stuff. let it dry out another day and try again. then swap your power supply. after that try out your easy to remove parts on another computer. eg video card, sound card, ram, and maybe processor (only if you have thermal grease, to put it back on.)
  2. I would assume the psu is dead for sure. Do you have a spare one to try? If not, buying a psu is going to be part of your new build whether the other components are fried or not, and there's no reason why a bad cpu/motherboard/gpu/hdd would fry a good psu that i can see, so i would buy that first and test everything else before committing to additional costs and parts.
  3. i have a 300watt psu that i used, it did the same thing, blue leds came on for .5 of a second then shut down
  4. try buying a 520w 80plus bronze psu from seasonic it should do well and if that doesn't work, then you need a new system there
  5. Do you think it fried my ram/gpu/cpu also? is it worth risking putting them in a new motherboard to test?
  6. generally it would only fry the area's that have shorted from water contact, so mobo/PSU

    but it could be work pulling your mobo out and trying another one, then you test all your other components
  7. It's a biostar mobo, about 2-3 months old, should i try and rma it? there is no water stains or anything on it, it looks just like it did the day i bought it, will they be able to tell that i caused the damage to the mobo?
  8. its been 2 days now and now i can get it to atleast turn on and spin the fans if i dont have the 4pin plugged into the cpu, if i do it will come on for .5 of a second and shut down.
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