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Intel core i5 3570k

if i put gt 520 in my motherboard with intel hd 4000 i will get more performance or not my mobi is asrock H61M/U3S3 . please check all the function of intel 3rd gen processors will in this mobo or it is missing or please suggest me any mobo under rs 3500 with pcie 3.0 and usb 3.0 or any

thanks in advance :)
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  1. hd4000 beats gt520/gt610.
  2. i want to buy it for low down the loads of cpu . i will get better performance with getting 1 igpu and i gpu or not
  3. if i add gt 520 the memory and performance will increase or not
  4. you have been told no it will not increase performance.
  5. so what i do put gt 520 or use igpu of i53570k which is best
  6. what will happen when i put another gpu so the fps rate will increase or not
  7. i am not an expert so give full info
  8. popatim said:
    hd4000 beats gt520/gt610.

    Answered your question. The iGPU in the 3570K beats your 20$ option easily.

    FPS will drop, power consumption will go up, and it's a mistake. Budget 250-500$ for a GPU worth it to work well with the 3570K.

    Will the H61 motherboard support ivy bridge? Not without a bios revision.
  9. that means if i put any good gpu they work together with 3570k igpu to give best fps rate ..... if i put gt 440 the both gpu will work together or not
  10. no the gpu and the igpu will not work together.
    if your only going to use a 440 gpu then you can save money and not buy the 3570k, a pentium G630 (sandybridge processor) is more than enough to handle that card.
  11. if any card not gt 440 then the performance will increase
  12. the question is if i put any good or bad gpu the ipgu and new gpu will work together or not and i chander the motherboard gigabyte ga-b75m-d3h and this motherboard is good
  13. what is i buy 5670 ati radeon
  14. niz04 said:
    what is i buy 5670 ati radeon


    I'm going to go on a ledge here, and assume you're not in America or Europe, and your options are limited.

    Your i5 is going to wasted on a video card that isn't at least a 6770, or a 570gtx.
  15. what if i put amd radeon
    7770 1gb gddr5
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    What is this, I don't even...
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