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I currently have an Audigy Platinum and use my system for music using Cakewalk SONAR Producer, Reason 5, and I have a Korg Triton and Korg M1.

The Audigy Platinum has the extra hardware that sits in the front bay which I use extensively with the Optical Out going to my Creative Inspire 5.1 Digital 5500 speaker system, and I use the RCA Phono sockets and MIDI In/Out for the Keyboard(s).

This is an old card, and I can not help wondering if I should upgrade, but not sure which route to take.

Can I go for just replacing the internal (rear) card, and plug the front bay in to that, or should I go for a whole new solution.

I want to get a good deal of Audio processing umph out of it, to take away as much of the processing away from the rest of the system, but I don't want a full on professional solution. It is just a hobby.

My whole system is a bit dated, but I am beginning to upgrade the whole lot.

I would appreciate any help you can offer.


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  1. asus all the way dont buy creative.
  2. HT Omega makes some great sound cards. I have the Striker 7.1 :D
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