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I have a problem with my PC - It shuts itself down at random times (Usually uptime is about 10 minutes or so), then boots up for one second, goes off again then successfully starts, repeating the cycle above. I am suspecting my source to be the cause of the problem. Usually it was only when I was playing Skyrim for a prolonged period of time, but now it's happening every ten minutes. The power in my house was unstable anyway, but that wouldn't explain why my monitor/speakers would have their power turned off as well in the process, so the only culprit I can see is my power source.
What I want to know is if it could be something else, and if not, what should I look for when buying a new source?
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  1. The symptoms you describe could be caused by many things, not just power supply. If you want to learn about power supplies, start with the sticky: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/284314-28-power-supply-guides-info
  2. If your home's voltage isn't stable and you experience line voltage drop, that could cause the PC to shut down due to low voltages on the secondary side of the PSU. Unless you are experienced in electrical troubleshooting, pick up one of these and insert it between your outlet and PC.
    Set it to read Voltage and monitor the drop when the problem occurs. Normal household receptacle voltage in the US is anywhere from 110V to 130V AC. If yours falls below that, it may be your problem.
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