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I have at sony vcg-lt20 series all in one computer I bought in 08. I think the graphics card in bad. How do I find and replace it?
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  1. Looking at the documents for your computer (linked below) i would think this GPU is on board.

    What makes you think that the GPU went out?
  2. Did some more searching.

    Unless you have a place to stick a new dedicated card you are SOL.

    Wonder if one of the new external GPU's would work with the. Are they even out yet?

    Interface: Integrated
    Installed: nVIDIA GeForce 8400M GT with 128MB dedicated memory and 1407MB Total Available Graphics Memory
    Dual Display Support: None
  3. That computer is basically a laptop made to look like a desktop. It is like any other laptop in that you can easliy upgrade the RAM or Harddrive but that is pretty much it. Graphics cards in laptops are very difficult to replace and most PC repair outlets will tell you that it can't be done. You need to completely disassemble the computer to access the graphics card assuming you can find a replacement(ebay is the only place I can think of and they are difficult to find there). If the graphics card is integrated like inerax is saying then it is basically built into the motherboard of the computer and is not replacable at all. A normal desktop computer with integrated graphics will still have pci-e expansion slots inside so you can disable the integrated graphics through the BIOS and install a standard graphics card. Unfortunately, it looks like you do not have that capability.
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