High temperatures amd 965?

I've bought the amd 965 TRAY and used my previous cooler arctinc cooling freezer 64 pro and the temperatures where too high (50 degrees idle, my previous pcu- amd 6000+ was on 25 degrees idle with this fan).
So, I've bought the Thermaltake BigWater A80 and i think that the temperatures are still too high.

why the temperature is so high?
I meant to do OC but the pcu is too hot as stock.
BTW, the fan is relatively very noisy, is it normal?
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  1. I think that the program might be wrong! at least some of the voltage readings are off. What does your BIOS report?
  2. what do you mean? how should i check it?

    I need to connect these two connections right? (they are connect)
  3. My 965BE is being cooled by a Corsair H80 and it idles at around 30 degrees (28-29 if the AC is on), assuming the room temperature isn't that hot.

    What are you using for a thermal paste? Have you tired reseting the water block from your BigWater?

    It's also possible that the thermal sensor in your 965 is wonky. It happens to even the best of CPU's sometimes.
  4. Check what BIOS reports and compare it to the program, the best I can see in your screen shot is 30 some ° on the cores.
  5. I do not know what thermal paste. The pc was composed in the shop and they put thermal paste.
    "Have you tired reseting the water block from your BigWater? " i didn't, i don't know how.
    BIOS reports 34 degrees
  6. BIOS is configured to read correctly. I use core temp and I can set correction there so comparing BIOS I had to set +15C to get correct reading, it was reporting 20C which is cooler than my ambient 76F.
  7. 34 degrees were while the room was cold. today the room is pretty hot and here are the results:

    During a stress test the cpu reached 70 degrees! Then I stopped the test
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