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what video cards would you recommend for each of these 2 situations
Card 1
Skyrim max graphics HD textures etc, as well as high end next gen mmorpg's like Guild wars 2,minecraft,also magicka cause my laptop couldn't do it :P
only 1 monitor required, a second would be nice on it
Card 2
video playback, Firefox,text editors,eclipse,skype/vent/ts3
3 monitors simultaneously

combined maximum budget is around $600 for both cards

hi I'm working on building a computer right now (in the planning stage)
and i needed some help on choosing a graphics card, mainly building the machine for guild wars 2 so late 2012, and have a love for multiple monitors so i was thinking of getting a pair of graphics cards one of which has quite a bit of power and the other is just a notepad/fire fox on 2 or 3 screens kind of card.
can you guys recommend anything that will work well for this kind of setup?
power supply issue is solved :D
parts i have so far
removed original links since they didn't work

alternate links i found my RAM :D
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  1. None of the links work for me :|
  2. reworked the OP
  3. You want to use both cards on one PC right? If I were you, I'd pick up a single GTX 580 3GB like this one:

    however, to a single Nvidia card you'd be able to connect only two monitors.

    Your other option is HD7970, but you need monitors with display port.

    OR you could go with two GTX 570s 2.5 GB in SLI, that would overperform even GTX 580 (not in games that doesn't support SLI, though, it's minority).

    I know two of them is costier than your budget, but it's really a beast combo and you could connect 3 screens to it.
  4. For the first card use NVIDIA gtx 770
    And for the second card get a 550
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