Took fan out to clean and now computer went start up

Hi my name is Wendy. And l need help please.. my computer was running yesterday but the fan kept coming on and it sounded like it was working hard. I took the cpu fan and unit completely out to clean the dust out of it and put it right back in and now my computer won't boot up or anything. The blue light comes on, and then it turns off and on and that's all it does. Please help me.
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  1. Did you clean and re-apply the thermal compound on the CPU?
  2. Wendy,
    What is the CPU type and is it the stock HSF. (HSF = Heat sink fan)
    If you took the HSF off of the CPU then you MUST clean the old heat sink compund off and apply new. If this is the case the and you did not clean and reaply the Paste, the CPU will over heat very quickly. You can get some artic silver 5 locally (ie Bestbuy or radioshack).
    You can google how to apply the paste and install the HSF, some good videos on the web. (reason I asked cpu and HSF)
  3. Make sure u connected the CPU fan to the mobo..
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