Logitech G35 Headset Youtube Problem

I'm having a weird problem with my G35's. The sound comes out of the right ear loudly with youtube videos, the sound is also very loud and distorted. The left ear has a quiet sound barely noticable over the right ear. When i use other applications the headsets work fine though.. ive tried different browsers, and re-installing the headset drivers. Any ideas?
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  1. hmmm i use a g35 and have never had that issue. sounds like faulty hardware
  2. If so.. sigh :P
  3. djsnipy said:
    If so.. sigh :P

    Actually since the most recent flash player update I also have this issue. Just like you I have loud, slightly distorted sound in the right ear, and very quiet sound in the left. (Using a g35 too btw)
  4. I fixed it :). (I assume your using chrome like I am).

    Open a new tab in google chrome, type chrome://plugins and hit enter. Then disable flash, and restart chrome - if it has worked correctly, chrome will now be using html5 for youtube (not chrome's built in version of flash).

    It's only a temporary fix but it works.
  5. Hmph well, i have firefox but ill see what i can do
  6. I had the same problem. You need to have the Logitech G35 process running (configure G35 app), and the surround sound mode enabled on the headset (switch down). Should work fine after.
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