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My old motherboard (gigabyte p55a-ud3r) broke down recently so I decided to replace the motherboard and CPU of my old system and keep the rest. However I now have a full functional i5 760 with no where to go. I was thinking of getting some parts together and creating a PC for my mum who will most likely just be browsing the internet or selling the processor. I was just wondering where I could find a lga1156 motherboard from in Sydney Australia for a reasonable price/how much would an i5 760 go for and where would I sell it? ebay perhaps?

I've looked around at eBay for motherboard, but i've had horror stories before with buying motherboard from ebay so i prefer not to.

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    Yeah you might have a hard time finding P55 motherboards anymore but I'd say if you've got a nice LCD/LED to turn it into an HTPC - you could go mini-ITX or mATX and come out ahead. Run it off the onboard video and get a couple hard drives and you'll be fine.
  2. sounds like HTPC is the way to go! I think I still see some mATX/ ITX mobos still available from auspcmarket.
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