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Installing Windows 7 help

hey guys i had to wipe my friends computer for him and when i go to install windows 7 on it it gets to error code 0x80070570 (cant install required files) ive tried burning several disks to no avail, and formatiing and deleting its partition but it stil lwont work.

so now i want to plug it into my computer which had windows installed already and is it safe to install it to that hdd while my ones are plugged in? (im setting it up so that his drive is pretty much an external one via usb)

i dont want to try it if i might break mine.

thanks :)
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  1. When I experienced a problem like this, a long time ago, it turned out that my RAM modules were faulty, so I tried new modules and the installation was successful.
  2. Although you said you have burned several disks, do it at the slowest speed possible, to avoid corruption.

    Without accusing you of anything, are copying an original Microsoft DVD or ISO image downloaded?

    If you downloaded it from Microsoft and not from a unsupport method, check the MD5 hash to ensure its validity.
  3. he only has 1 x 4gb stick of ram in his computer and ive tried moving that to another slot but still no dice :/ id try some of my ram tho im not sure if theyll work. i have g.skill f3-12800cl9d and his motherboard is a gigabyte 1556 h55 s2 or something, i couldnt remember.

    ive tried using disks, burning at slowest speeds, and even using usb.

    im using an iso, cant find my disk for the life of it :P i had previously used it to install to my computer and it worked like a charm.

    tho i have tried rechecking the torrent and im not sure how to do a md5 check.

    i did try just now installing windows to a spare 160gb hdd that i had laying around and that error came up as well. so that would rule out his hdd is the problem.

    i would just like to install windows from my comp to his one but i dont wanna kill mine.. i might just d/c my hdds and try it...
  4. try running memtest. actually test the memory, moving it to a different slot does no good if the RAM is bad.
  5. ok seemed to work when i installed it via my compueter.
  6. ok i might do that.

    more problems ahead tho. im in the process of installing updates or avast and itll just either bluescreen, or say everything pretty much stopped working...
  7. glad to hear you got it up and running!
  8. ok im running mem test, benn oging for a while now, not sure if it stops as ive never used it before.
    i took a photo of whats happening and if you could tell me whats going on.
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    the memory is bad. replace it with new RAM.
    otherwise it will keep bluescreening on you.
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