Corsair Carbide 500R Setup


Just asking any Corsair Carbide 500R owners about their setups.

What have you found to be the best cooling solutions, I mean -

Fans used, did you upgrade?

Front, rear, do you use the large side fan provided or switched to 120/140mm setup.

Bottom intake fan. anyone use it?

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  1. Well seeing as no-one has any input I'll answer my own question, it may help someone else with their set-up. :D

    Standard fan setup, 2x120mm front intake, 200mm side intake, 120mm rear exhaust.

    My setup added a Corsair H100 cpu cooler with 2x120mm top exhaust fans.

    Vcore temps hit up and around 70C with testing.

    Added a bottom 140mm intake fan - temps went up 2-3C

    Added an assist fan - temps about the same but small 50mm fan noisy

    Switched the side 200mm intake to 2x 140mm intake - no change

    Removed side fans - temps increased by around 3-4C

    Removed bottom and assist fans so it was back to original setup and switched rear exhaust fan to intake - temps dropped by 10C+

    So there we have it, the best set-up that I have found is standard with the rear exhaust switched to intake.

    I am going to upgrade the 120mm front intakes as they don't seem to be shifting a lot of air to see if it helps at all.

    If anyone had any different results I'd be interested to see them. :D
  2. Thanks , I have been curious about the same thing. I am all stock except I set my h100 in push pull config 12mm thick fans inside , corsair supplied outside. I keep the top grill off as this is restrictive. Only complaint I have is the side pulls in with no dust cover at all.
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