6950 on Maximus Formula iii problem

Hello,I have a 6950 directcu ii that will work on any other mobo except my maximus formula iii top pci-e slot but all other gpu's will work in the same slot. I have tried it with the selector switch on the 6950 in both positions and I have flashed my bios to no avail any ideas?
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  1. Have the other cards you've tested in your motherboard been as power hungry?

    Have you got the latest BIOS for your motherboard?

    Does your 6950 work in the second PCI-E Lane?
  2. No but I've got an 850 W. PSU

    Yes I Flashed BIOS to latest version

    No it won't work in either lane but the other cards do

    The vendor checked the card and it's fine and I've had it running on another mobo with all DVI and Disp Port outlets producing signal
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