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OK so my question is insanely straight forward. I already have 8 GB ddr3 1333mhz For rame. A 620w power supply with really any cords that will be needed. A high tower case. A dvd drive. A monitor and everything else besides a CPU, a Motherboard, and Graphics card.

So i want to know is with what combination of those three components can i play Skyrim and Battlefield 3 on with full settings 1080p and have absolutly no trouble with glitches or fps (i know you can never be certain about this) for the lowestprice?
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    7850 will be enough for ultra in bf3 with low AA, if you want absolute max then you'll have to pay double the price for either radeon 7970 or gtx680

    also get and oc cpu to ~4,5ghz
  2. i feel like after reading other forums on subjects related that it would actually be possible to get like performance with other products cutting down the price a lot... wouldnt and AMD build be able to deliver cheaper and still preform?
  3. Intel has AMD beat at every price point.
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