My Ralink RT61 Wireless LAN Card is not working on my new build.

I'm having trouble getting my wireless lan card to work on my new PC that I built. This same lan card worked just fine on my old PC build, which I've been using for many years.

At first, I had trouble finding the correct driver for it. When I checked my devices, it was shown as one of the devices along with the connection I'm using now, which is from my cell phone. The lan card had a red X on it saying there were no connections available, and Windows could not repair it for me.

When I thought I found the correct driver from Edimax, I went ahead and installed that driver, and now the lan card does not show up at all as one of my devices, like it's not even installed in my system.

Help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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  1. did you use the rt2561 drivers?
  2. popatim said:
    did you use the rt2561 drivers?

    Yes, I installed those drivers and my computer still cannot recognize that my lan card is connected as a device.
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