Will the gt 430 be ok for gaming on a htpc

hey just wondering would a gt 430 be ok for gaming as it is low profile?

system info
motherboard: zotac 9300-k-e
cpu: Core 2 Duo E8300
memory: KVR1333D3N9/4G
psu: PicoPSU-150-XT with 150w brick 12v = 12.5A

Games we play

assassin's creed
need for speed
call of duty
lost planet
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  1. Its not a great gaming card to be honest, take a look here: http://www.guru3d.com/article/geforce-gt-430-review/8

    You might get away with low quality settings.

    Also a note in that review they measured maximum power consumption to be 242W, they are using a more power hungry sub-system but I still wouldn't feel to comfortable with the 150W PSU.
  2. get a 5670 instead

    or 6670
  3. new psu too
  4. hey thanks both for the very quick response :)


    i know i feel very uncomfortable at times with the psu, my case is a http://www.wesena.co.uk/product.php/6/2/itx7_2 if this also helps.

    As fuggles said would a HD 5450 be any better i have been looking for a Hd 6670 but cant find any in the uk with Low Profile
  5. Nice case, beautiful for a HTPC :)

    I've currently got a HD5450 and to be honest its terrible, certainly no better than a GT430.
    I can get away with playing games like Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 on low settings at 1280 x 720 and Need for Speed Hot Pursuit on low at 800 x 600, but I only get about 17 FPS

    It plays Blu-rays fine though, certainly not intended for today's games.
  6. the 6450 is somewhat better than the 5450. but try to get at least a 6570 or 5670.
  7. The Case was one of them builds see it, like it, got to have it :)

    that 6570 Looks like it can pack a punch and less power draw

    ok i will try and get that Card and i will test it with my 700w test bench psu as that tells me the watts on the back and i will post up the results

    my test bench psu if intrested in my test bench test


    will get back to you all when i get hold of this card in a week :)

    thank you all :)
  8. hey all just a quick update i found a HD 6670 on ebuyer so i bought that last night should be here next week


    it dose say a minimum power supply of 400w but i have seen people using it with a 150w picopsu and A8-3850 the amd chip has a tdp of 100w and my core 2 duo has a tdp of 65w

    anyone think it will be safe i understand i am close on power oh one last thing my cpu is -0.10v in the bios just to be safe
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