I7-860 Overheating


After I started noticing weird FPS spikes in any game regardless of the graphical settings I started to look what was causing this.

After updating drivers, cleaning my computer (nearly no dust to begin with), checking cooling fans etc. But nothing seemed to help.

I'm not sure where this all of a sudden came from but my CPU temperature seems to be way to high. It used to be 35-40 c on start up and idle after ~50 c.

On start up currently it is ~88c.

Some images:

Game starting (basically any game, examples: Blacklight retribution, League of legends, COD, ET , SC2, Rift)

alot of activity in games

Not much activity in games


What could have cased this and what possible solutions are there?

Fans all are running, cooling past is still on it.

Are there some test I can run to find the problem?

I dont know where to look at the moment. Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance
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  1. I would clean the old thermal paste off and re-apply. Also when you re-seat the heatsink make sure it is seated right and the pins are all the way through (if you're using the stock heatsink).
  2. Reseat your cooler with new thermal compound.
  3. and i'll the the third to say, clean off old TP and apply new.
  4. How do I clean of the old TP?
  5. Rubbing alcohol (70% or higher) and paper towel gets the job done.

    Re-seating the HSF may not work (for long) since the plastic frame and pins may have deformed over time and may no longer be able to apply sufficient contact force. My stock LGA775 HSF lasted for about three years until this happened and re-applying with fresh paste helped for less than two weeks each time.

    While something like the Hyper 212+/212EVO may be somewhat of a PITA to install if your case does not have a rear-access cut-out for HSF mounting plates, it is the simplest way to make sure you'll never have to worry about plastic pins/frame again.
  6. Blixia said:
    How do I clean of the old TP?

    All you need is 70 or 90 percent rubbing alcohol and a non lint cloth coffee filters work great. Take a dry coffee filter and wip off as much of the junk as possible. After that moisten a new coffee filter with rubbing alcohol. Keep repeating until the coffee filter(s) come out clean. Change coffe filters as you go along and they get really dirty.
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