HD 6950 OC - Power control setting problems?

So I just got a Sapphire HD 6950 2GB and it would not unlock so I am hoping to push it by overclocking.

Currently running at:

900mHZ Core
1400mHZ memory

Furmark 1080p burn test:

35FPS average
83 degrees average

Now the thing is, how do I know if my power control settings aren't messing up? I read around and I found that Catalyst Control Center has problems with voltage control. This is my set-up currently (ignore 1375, pushed to 1400):

I ran Furmark and Kombustor. No artifacts, crashes, etc. This seems really out of the norm, considering I've read that a HardOCP review on the same card can't push past 880/1325, as well as people on Youtube running the hard at 880/1325. Am I extremely lucky or is my PC somehow undervolting here? Despite reading guides on this, I'm still fairly new to overclocking and am hoping I can get some questions answered.

Edit: Also, according to MSI Afterburner graphs, my clocks up to 900/1400 when I do things like Firefox, Task Manager etc. Is this of the norm?
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  1. 3DMark Vantage scores if it matters:

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