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GPU Upgrade question

Ok, as most ppl know tax season be soon, and even tho i just built this rig on xmas i wanna drop a bit more into it with my taxes next week. Apart from a water system i have been reading people doing GTX's with a card dedicated to Physics. So i run (2) sli GTX 580 3gb, and i was thinking of adding a 560ti to the mix as a dedicated physics card, and eventually goin to 3gtx 580 and the 560ti. Not because i need all this but because i want to. Just wondering what people think about dedicating a lowr card to physics, and what card would be best.

Also would i need to upgrade my PSU, im currently using a XFX Pro 1250W (gold certified).
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  1. Your PSU should be fine. as far as the card for Phys-x is concerned, a 9800GTX+ would be enough to handle any Phys-x load.
  2. noit even seeing a "9800gtx" when i input that on newegg, my knowledge is 400 series+
  3. Oh yeah one thing i was wondering is if I do this, will it need to be connected via SLI 3 way bridge, and will the fact i use MSi Afterburner to OC my gtx 580's, have an adverse effect on a physics card?
  4. You can use a GTS450 for PhysX. It will not be connected to your other cards with a SLI bridge.
  5. awesome, i was a little confused about that. The GTX 560ti 448 to the GTX450 for physics not a big dif? Or is physics not really hard for the cards and be the same. Ive read alot its pointless as Physics doesnt take alot resources, its more of just i wanna do this ya know. So if the GTX 450 will do the same as a 560ti or close to it (physics only) ill go with that.
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    With the two or three 580's the gtx 450 will hardly see any action. A 450 would really be physix overkill, but may benefit some on certain games, but I don't think the 450 is going to do anything that the 580's are not already doing first, faster, better, ect
  7. I know spending money is awesome, but I don't think having a dedicated physx card ,considering your current setup, is going to make a difference.

    gtx 560 ti is crazy overkill for physx
  8. So if you had a ferrarri would you weld a jet engine on it? Thats alot of unnecessary power but if Thats what you want...
  9. if i cud meld a jet engine to my bike i would..just to say i did it..I did some lookin around and i guess some lower end cards, or out of series cards will bottle neck the 580' of boredum i just decided ima order a 3rd gtx 580 hydro copper 2 and run it 3 way..and for physics games ill throw the third into dedicated mode. Dont have the link with me but some1 did that had a 20 frame increase or so (in a physics game).
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