7970 CF strange colors in full screen mode

Hey guys,

Just had my desktop rebuilt basically from scratch.

I am running an ASUS and a Sapphire 7970 in CF (both reference), have the latest Drivers and when I first fired up SWToR seemed everything was working fine except some of the colors were "off". There was a yellow tinge almost like what you see when you view a monitor from an acute angle.

I changed from Fullscreen to Fullscreen Windowed and the issue went away.
Changed it back to Fullscreen and again the odd coloration came back while not having and impact on the FPS it just looked terrible. I have turned on the FPS cap and turned it off with no change.

When I disable CF in CCC the issues go away. (all colors are good no issues to be seen in FS and Windowed)

Tried it with BF3, SC2, LOL and all the same symptoms. Works in Windowed but was displaying terrible colors when Fullscreen.

With the issue being difficult to describe I attempted to take a screenshot. When i pasted it into MS Word the picture was perfect! It did not seem to register the strange yellow hue in the capture. :pt1cable:

I went to the ASUS site and went down the list of drivers for my MOBO, P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3 installed/reinstalled all of them. After a restart it seems the issue corrected itself except when I tested the last game installed on my computer. Skyrim..

After a lot of googling I have not found anyone else with simular issues.

Anyone have suggestions as what I should try to fix this?
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  1. I too had an issue with SWTOR with my single 7970. Enabling vertical sync fixed my issue however. Not sure if it will for you, also, the cards are 2 weeks old, give it time for the drivers to mature. Im not even sure if they have crossfire profiles out for the 7970s yet. Itll come. Amazing card too.
  2. They still haven't released official drivers yet for the 7xxx series.I'm sure AMD is aware of the issue and are going to fix it with the next update.
  3. Thanks for the responses. I will again try vertical sync and them just wait on drivers I guess.
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