PC suddenly turns off

Hi everyone,
So my PC is playing a late April's fool joke one me but it is not funny :pfff:

I build my PC 1 year ago and everything was fine until tonight it suddenly turns off when I was browsing.
I tried to turn it on again but nothing happened. Only green LED from my MB is still on. (I guess it is a standby LED)
Turn the PSU switch off and on. Press the power button, the PSU fan, CPU fan, GPU fan and case fan spin for less than 1s, then it stopped. Press the power button again numerous times, nothing happen.
If I switch the PSU off and on again, press the power button for the first time then PSU is on, PSU fan, CPU fan and case fan turn on again for less than 1s. Then, nothing happen if I press the power button, only green LED from MB.
So, the only hint is my fans work for a fraction of a second if I reset my PSU. Then it will not spin at all until I reset the PSU again.
Is this bad PSU? I don't smell or see any smoke from my PSU.

I am using:
Corsair CX600 (I believe v1)
Asus P8P67 Pro
Intel i5-2500K
Case Antec 902 v3
Asus 6850
Corsair XMS3 4x4gb
Intel 510 SSD

My guess:
-Bad PSU
-Googling it for a while before posting here, it says maybe I have bad thermal contact between my CPU and the heatsink? I dotn get it why it can run for the whole year with me playing games though.
-Bad RAM? I tried remove my RAM and use only 1 of it but still didnt work.
-Bad CPU/Mobo? I wish it isn't!!!

Any help is gladly appreciated.

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  1. I tried the paperclip to connect the PSU and my fan is running for a fraction of a second and then turns off again, so my PSU is bad...

    You can turn on the PSU by completely disconnecting the PSU and using a paperclip or jumper wire to short the green wire to one of the neighboring black wires.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FW [...] tube_gdata

    A way that might be easier is to use the main power plug. Working from the back of the plug where the wires come out, use a bare paperclip to short between the green wire and one of the neighboring black wires. That will do the same thing with an installed PSU. It is also an easy way to bypass a questionable case power switch.

    This checks the PSU under no load conditions, so it is not completely reliable. But if it can not pass this, it is dead. Then repeat the checks with the PSU plugged into the computer to put a load on the PSU.

    Any other test that I can try to check if it hurts my CPU/GPU/MB?
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