My new laptop seems to be overheating or Im too precautious

Hi I have bought an Asus k55vd for my networking class and also to be able to game a little (not with the highest graphic) .

When i start up a game the high left corner (Where a fan is ) is getting really hot i wasnt sure it was normal so I bought a cooler pad to be sure .

Still it is getting really hot 73 celsius is the highest I recorded while playing Skyrim at the lowest graphics.

73 degree celsius = 163 in farenheit wich seems a lot to me , maybe im too scared to blow up this cpu.

I just want to know if its normal , or if not what solutions could be good.


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  1. Is that the GPU or CPU temperature?

    GPU's tend to tolerate heat much better than CPU's.
  2. its for my CPU which is a Intel 3610Q(I7)

    While doing simple tasks (internet browsing , music listening or video watching) the temperature is about 44 degrees celsius but when gaming Skyrim t, shogun total war 2 or Mass effect 3 all on the lowest graphics its goes up to 76 degrees celsius (highest I reccorded)

  3. It's brand new so dust isn't going to be a problem. IMO I just think thats the way the laptop is. I have an Asus X54L with an I3 and integrated graphics. Doing non demanding stuff like fooling around on the internet the temps are fine but when gaming it runs hot, usually in the low to mid 70's when playing games like Company of Hero's. Some laptop's just run hotter then other's. If you are comfortable with taking your laptop apart you can wipe and clean the old thermal paste off and re-apply. OEM's tend to glob thermal paste on the CPU and that can cause heat problems. Just re-applying thermal paste can lower the temps a few degrees at the very least. You can also try a cooling pad sometimes they help.
  4. Yeah I got a cooling pad with it .

    My concern is will it blow up the CPU or I can play and it will last a good time ?
  5. As long as it's not reaching it's thermal limit and shutting down it should be fine. Like I said some laptops just run hot, compleatly stable but hot.
  6. Thank you its good to see that. Well I won't re-apply the paste , just today while running skyrim it went to 69 degree celsius and it says that the CPU max temp is 105 degrees celsius . Guess the ambiant temperature in the room don't help ..
  7. Laptops get hotter than desktops by far, my laptop gets to around 75 oC playing games on med-max (mass effect, assassins creed), and its new aswell, anything over 80oC is something to worry about for laptops if increasing at the same time.
    Desktops, something over 60oC is considered hot.
  8. I just played and monitored again and I get about 82 degree celsius maximum now , should I contact my retailer ? its 82 with a cooling pad or I can run fine without overheating the CPU since its says that the max temp is 105 degree celsius
  9. Well
  10. Well In your case you have a long way to go without causing any damage, my max is 85c I think, could be more (i3-2310m), in your case 90oC is a bad temp, should of said that earlier, if 82 is the maximum it goes to then that is fine, if it keeps increasing then you have a problem, just remember both the CPU and GPU are emitting heat near the same spot so more heat builds up, the fans run fast to stop overheating
  11. CPUs also don,t blow up, they simply burn out quietly or stop working if they overheat but a modern safety feature prevents that by turning off the computer if it gets too hot.
  12. Well that mean the day it start shutting down I should go see the re-tailer if im still in my warranty days.

    If there's a problem would the temperature go up also when not playing games ?
  13. If you had a cooling problem, you would be seeing high temps when not playing games, if it starts shutting down then you can check a few things first before you take it back to the retailer but it would probably start doing that in a few years if your house isn't full of dust.
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