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im going to be building my first pc so im wanting approval from some people who have more experience to make sure i got everything in check.

my build. in Canadian prices all from

CPU: i5 2500k $230
MOBO: ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 $150
RAM: G.SKILL Sniper 8GB $48
PSU: $90
OD: lite on dvd burner $20
Case: Antec One $60 (prolly change this even though i like it)
HDD: $90
Cooler: hyper 212+ $35
win 7 $110
generic keyboard and mouse $15 dollars.

this set up comes to $842.90 before tax/shipping, 996.70 with tax and shipping

graphics card can wait two weeks til i get paid, plus its a z68 boards so i can run it without a card anyways.
i would like to cut cut costs as much as possible. the only component id like to keep if cutting is the mobo and 2500k they seem like a really great value and future proof.

ive done my research but id like comfirmation that everything will work together. thanks for help
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  1. I'm sure the RAM is fine but I can't sign off on it without a link or specific part number.

    Presumably you got a SATA optical drive.

    Providing you are planning to have two 7870s or GTX 560ti your PSU might be proper. Otherwise it's too much or too little. 750W PSUs are not real popular these days.
  2. What are you planning on doing with your first PC?
  3. im planing on gaming plus general use, i dont want to have to upgrade anytime soon, so im probs gonna buy expensive praphics card. it seemed hard to find a psu for that cheap with the reveiws. yes OD is SATA and the ram in standard 1600 cas 9 1.5v.
  4. What is the brand and model number of the RAM?
  5. G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model F3-12800CL9D-8GBXL
  6. Great RAM!
  7. 750watt is borderline ground when dealing with xfire / sli. Most likely your fine, but depending on oc'ing etc you might get close to needing an 850watt.

    Everything else looks good. Unless your going triple monitor just use a high end gpu. You'll be fine.
  8. would this be a good build? for the money
  9. i have a fulltime job and no bills so im planning on a single high end card, i changed the psu to what ive been told is a more reliable but 650w psu. according to specs this willl run any card in a oc'd 2500k set up
  10. I too have a full time job and no bills. :)
  11. razr567 said:
    would this be a good build? for the money

    I have no clue how much you plan on spending for a GPU. But all the other components are good. Can't go much cheaper unless you stay with a single gpu and downgrade psu to a 600watt or 650watt.

    Or down grade the mobo.

    I also do not know your monitor that your using or how many.

    But I mean thats basic pricing for everything. Your not getting ripped off by any means.
  12. single monitor,(well 1080p tv). im eyeing the high end nvidias like the 680 or 580, prolly overkill for my needs but i want this machine to last. should i wait till the other new nvidias come out or buy a radeon card.
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    razr567 said:
    would this be a good build? for the money

    Yes; things are compatible. I like the 2500K which will be good for a long time.

    For ideas on saving:

    1) A case is the easiest place to cut. I like the Antec 100, buy it if you love it.
    But, you can get a nice small case like the Rosewill FBM-01 . It was used in tom's recent $650 build:,3159-5.html

    2) It is a M-ATX case, so you need a m-atx(smaller) motherboard.
    This asrock will save you a bit there too:

    3) Ram speeds do not make much difference with sandy bridge. 1.5v ram does not need heat spreaders either.
    This g.skil kit will save you a few bucks:

    4) A 550w psu will run any single gpu up to a GTX570, or even a GTX680 or 7970. If you ever want more than a GTX680, you are in an entirely different class of gaming.
    I see little value in planning for more via sli.
    Here is a corsair CX600 for a bit less:

    5) Hard drive prices are very high today. In time, they will come down.
    Consider deferring the hard drive and build using a SSD for the os and some apps. A 60-80gb drive will hold the os and a handful of games. Prices should be around $1.25 per gb or so. I like Intel 520 series for the 5 year warranty, but Samsung 830 is good too. Look for rebates on Intel 320, There have been some big ones recently.

    5) For a first build, I suggest you download and read, cover to cover the motherboard and case manuals.

    ---------good luck------------
  14. thanks for the suggestions,i just found a 500gb sata laptop drive laying around so ill be able to get the ssd and not worry about storage
  15. This build is fine and I would buy the GTX 580 since the price has drop with the release of the GTX 680 if you have the cash for the latest and greatest I would go with the GTX 680 its more powerful and it consumes less power and emit's less heat. Just something to consider.
  16. razr567 said:
    thanks for the suggestions,i just found a 500gb sata laptop drive laying around so ill be able to get the ssd and not worry about storage

    Great! I just read some news that intel will launch the 330 series of budget ssd's up to 180gb on april 13.
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