I wanted to know what would be a good graphics card for swtor and my budget is about 100-160
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  1. what type of slot do you have?
  2. I'd recommend a 6850 or 6870.
  3. i also have to buy a new power supply which would increase my budget to 220
  4. Have you read:

    http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/290969-33-advice-choosing ???

    Knowing your motherboard and processor as well as what your power supply are whats needed to give you the best answer possible. Without it they do not know what type of card your pc can use.
  5. high yes, idk about ultra.

    get this if you get squeeze it into your budget.

    as for the psu this should do well.
  6. This depends greatly on what resolution you're gaming at.

    I play at 1920x1080. I'm using a Sapphire 6870 and an Antec 640W PSU. And a Phenom 955 BE overclocked to 3.8, if you care.

    I have all SWTOR settings maxed and only fall below playability in Warzones. But people rocking GTX 580s are also fallling below 30fps in warzones. Otherwise I'm always above 40 and quite frequently approaching 100.

    Keep in mind that SWTOR still has a lot of problems. People with cutting-edge graphics solutions are still experiencing horrible performance in some cases. No matter what card you get, be prepared for some possible headaches. And stuttering. I still get a decent amount of stuttering and I think most other people do, too.
  7. it doesn't say anything about the cpu but Ill assume its a athlon x2 or x3.

    get the 6850 and the psu I recommended and you should be happy. but you should check your cpu.
  8. its a phenom 1065t
  9. its all good then.
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