Sleeving 3 pin fan connecter

any know what size sleeving and heatshrink i should use for a 3 pin fan connector?
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    I'm using ModSmart Kobra sleeving and I like 1/4 for my 3 and 4 pin wires. You can use 1/8 for the 3 pin, I did that but it was not really enjoyable. Other than the wrestling factor and that it did take at least twice as long to do, it did come out nice looking.
  2. what heatshrink did you use?
  3. I use 1/4 heatshrink in both cases.
  4. do you know any good sites or place to buy sleeving and heat shrink? I've use and the shipping cost more than the product itself...
  5. lol, I know, that is my source also - I usually find a few other things to get also (some water cooling barbs or clamps or...) just to make my order worthwhile. I've shopped around a bit and prices don't seem to change much (although shipping costs may - I haven't checked that)
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