Problem With Radeon 6850

Hello, I am Banish25.
I have a problem when i installed my new MSI cyclone 6850 and I got a Warning System BOOT Fail.
I am sure it is the graphic card because when i took it out, the warning did not display.
My components are:

Power Supply: 650 W
Motherboard: Asus P5n73 - AM (with a Geforce 7050)
CPU: Dual Core @ 2.6 GHz
RAM: 2x 2 GB DDR2

Things I tried WITHOUT success
I tried resetting CMOS by removing the battery and using the jumper
update bios is version 0801 (latest)
I have tried to remove power from CD/HD
Disabling and uninstalling onboard VGA
Removing a stick of RAM

Note: I have connected the 6 pin power to my MSI 6850. I do get a black screen when I direct connect to my MSI 6850
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  1. It is hard to say but the card can be broken and possible it is fine and your older board with a 1.x PCIe slot does not support version 2.1 card. (no video issue)
  2. I hope it isn't a broken graphic card issue because it is brand new and just out of the box
  3. a broken card is better than the pci express 1.0 issue. since you already updated the bios, if it is that issue you will be out of luck with all pci 2.1 cards.

    only real way to test it is put the card in another system if you can.
  4. What brand and model is the PSU?
  5. Quote:
    What brand and model is the PSU?

    All i could find that is it from a company called power case :D.....
  6. That doesn't sound very encouraging. :sweat: I'm betting that's your problem right there and why your system won't run with the 6850.
  7. Hello, I found this on the internet

    You can't have Nvidia with ATI unless you have a very expensive motherboard with a Lucid Hydra Chip in it.

    Is this true?
  8. no, thats not true.
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