6950 Fan speed stuck at 100%

Hello i recently updated my drivers for my video card and the fans wont come down from 100% no matter what i do. Even afterburner or overdrive dont change it. I dont see any difference while im playing a game.

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  1. Uninstall and reinstall the drivers?
  2. Ok i will try that
  3. It didnt work i installed new drivers and fan stayed the same
  4. What GPU is it, who is the manufacturer and what version of driver are you using?
  5. Diamond HD AMD 6950 2GB, driver version says
    0x1002 - 0x6719 PCIE is that the right info?
  6. the 6950 has two bios chips, the first question is have you upgraded the bios. If no turn the computer off and switch the card to other bios. The switch is next to the crossfire connector. This should solve the issue. Also you might be interested in seeing this article. http://www.techpowerup.com/articles/overclocking/vidcard/159
    I did this to my card when I got it. Let me know if changing the bios setting solves the issue.
  7. ok going to try that now
  8. uh which one?
  9. Tried the Bios switch and it didnt change anything also here is a picture from GPU-Z that shows rpms on fan
  10. Also about flashing that bios is from 2010 and im unsure about it working.
  11. The thing about a BIOS is that you don't flash it unless you need to do something that the current BIOS can't do. If it won't let you adjust the fan speed in CCC or Afterburner, I would recommend putting it in a buddy's system to see if the fan is the same speed. If it slows down, its a driver issue. If its persistent, then its a card issue.

    Try to install the drivers that you had before, when it was working.

    And captjack5169, I did the same thing to my 6950, best thing ever.
  12. The bios change for the 6950 is a performance enhancer nothing more. It add the shaders that the 6970 has. I dont think the fan issue is driver related, because mine did that a few times too, before I upgraded the bios.
  13. Aha i found the right info from Msi Afterburner
    Display driver:, Catalyst 12.1
    Also no i didnt flash into 6970 but im thinking about it
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