New To SLI, Need Help.

Hi all,
I just picked up a 2nd 560 ti to run SLI and for the most part, I'm very impressed. Most games I have tried (Dragon Age 2, Witcher 2, Mafia 2) have all had a major increase in performance. However, there are a few titles that I have tested ( original Crysis, Arkham City, GTA 4) that seem to have no performance increase at all. Do some games just not support SLI, or are there any tricks to getting SLI working. I was fully aware some games scale better then others, but I did expect to see a least a little performance boost in each game. Thanks to anyone who can help.
Win 7 64
2x560 ti SLI
4 gigs ddr3
750W 80+ psu
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  1. Go into your Nvidia control panel and select the game profile in the Manage 3d settings that you are going to play, some have profiles tweaked for SLI and better perfromance. See if that helps.
  2. I recently played the original Crysis again and that definitely makes use of SLi'd GTX560Ti's.
  3. According to afterburner, both gpu's in Crysis are only running at around 50%, that could explain why I'm not seeing a performance difference. Mousemonkey, anyway you could check what your gpu usage is while running Crysis?
  4. What resolution are you running at?
  5. I'm running 1920x1080, all settings set to High with vsync on.
  6. Turn vsync off.
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