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I Have a Dell Radeon HD 4550. I can't get sound out of it. It has a Displayport (DP) and DVI connectors. I am using a Generic Displayport -> HDMI adapter and an ATI Branded DVI-> HDMI adapter.

If I look in device manager there are no audio devices. When I turn on Motherboard audio the onboard sound stuff shows up.
I Have a 4870 and Device manager show AMD High definition audio device.

Is it possible to have a 4550 without built in sound.

Has anyone else had similar problems?

I tried installing the realtek ATI HDMI audio driver and it said device not present.

Is the sound stuff baked into the gpu or is it on a separate chip?


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  1. A properly functioning HD4550 indeed has HDMI Audio. What are the specs for the system with the HD4550 in it?
  2. Mobo: HP / Asus Calcite GL8E MOCA-AR
    RAM: 2x1GB Kingston DDR2 667 SoDimm
    HDD: Seagate 500 7200.10 SATA
    CPU: Intel T2250 1.73 GHz CoreDuo (Socket M)
    OS: Windows 7 Professional
    PSU: InWin 200W Flex ATX
    Case: InWin BP 655
    Driver: Latest AMD ATI Catalyst Release Package (As of Jan 23, 2012)

    How does this help?

    Shouldn't the "AMD High definition audio device" show up in device manager and under sound in ctrl pnl?
  3. Oh... More Problems

    I Flashed the 4550 with Sapphire BIOS and now it does not work properly. Tried to flash it back to Dell BIOS and it says my Dell BIOS file is bad. I have an Identical Dell card to get the BIOS off of again though. Have not had time to try it yet.
  4. If the GPU is working properly, yes, the AMD HDMI audio device should be listed in Device Manager (even if with the unrecognized with the dreaded "unknown device" indicator).

    BTW, flashing a GPU BIOS with another company's BIOS is just asking for a bricked GPU. Not a good thing to do.

    Since you have another same model HD4550, why don't you try it in your rig to see what happens?
  5. That's part of the plan for the next time I have time.
  6. After you install the new GPU....

    Go into the BIOS of the mobo and disabled the on-board audio as part of trying the new GPU. Also, double check Control Panel/Sound to see what your default playback device is.
  7. Hi,

    I tried the second card - no audio device on it either.
    I tried turning off onboard sound. No audio devices detected at all.
    I put the card in my main rig (to flash it back to dell bios) as a second card and only the amd audio device from the main 4870 shows up.

    Attached is a screencap of Device Manager, Audio Devices and GPUz. Please comment if something looks wierd.

  8. There is a audio device listed in what you posted for the HD4550. That being the case, if you are connected, via HDMI, to a monitor/display with speakers, it should produce sound. Make sure the volume is turned up on the moitor/display.
  9. No, that is the motherboard onboard sound.
    When I disable it there are no sound devices.
  10. Understood. What is the specific make/model (usually on a label on the back of the video card) of your HD4550?
  11. I've mentioned it before, because I think it is part of the problem.
    It's a Dell - DP / N 03Y14F made by Foxconn.
    Originally meant for an Optiplex business class computer.

  12. Are you running 32-bit or 64-bit Win 7?
  13. 32bit, I have a CoreDuo (32bit) CPU and 2GB ram :)

    The reason I tried flashing the 4550's BIOS is I suspect Dell disabled the audio on the card to eliminate confusion for business users.
    I flashed the card to ASUS and Sapphire 512MB 4550s and the card works funny with the Sapphire BIOS and not at all with the ASUS Bios.
    I could not get far enough into windows to see if the audio device showed up with the Sapphire bios.

    Had to flash it back to Dell to get it to work properly.
    The Card does not Have an HDMI Port and did not ship with an HDMI adapter.
    I wonder if the audio device is not present on the card or is permanently disabled.
  14. It is possible that Dell did that. I did a search of the model info and couldn't find anything to help. Are you connected to 2 displays or 1?
  15. I have only tried one display at a time.
    I have tried DP->HDMI and DVI->HDMI
    But I don't have a native DP display to try, and I only have a generic DP adapter.
  16. DVI-HDMI will not produce sound, even if the audio device is found.

    DP-HDMI. if the audio device is found, will produce sound. My HTPC uses this config to one of my HDTVs.

    Have you tried the 4550 in another PC to see how it reacts there? I know you flashed on another system with a 4870. Try with only the 4550.

    If that fails, then I think you Dell disabled it theory has merit.
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