GTX 560 can't go past 1360 x 768 resolution

I'm not that much of a gamer, so I bought this:

It's great and silent while not gaming, which I needed, but I can't run games like FIFA 12, Far Cry 2, or anything for that matter past this resolution.

My LG screen is 720p and it's recommended desktop resolution is 1360 x 768 and things still look much better than xbox 360 which I'm happy about, but is this normal?

I'm guessing my TV's screen resolution doesn't have to do anything with it, the game should just run more zoomed in or out.
In my case everything is choppy.
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  1. Also, is it better to buy another 560 for SLI in about a year? Or sell my current and add a newer one?
  2. If your screen in 720p then it cant move past that resolution. You will have to get a new monitor to play at 1920x1080 getting a second 560 for sli can be any time two.of.the same.specs
    that is a common misconception of resolution is it isnt just zoomed, but a ratio change and more pixels displayed per screen as to why it is more taxing on a gpu to run at a higher resolution
  3. some monitors (like mine) can show resolution past their native, (i run games at 1920x1200@75hz while my monitor have a native resolution of 1366x768@60hz)

    which window you are using?
  4. I understand that but doubt that if op cant set a resolution higher than said resolution id say his max resolution is as such and cant go higher
    if it can go higher then that will save some money and be a relief to op
  5. i have window 7 and by default it does not give me any option to go above 1366x768, then i unchecked the option 'hide modes which are not supported by my monitor' and then it show me resolution upto 2k but only upto 1920x1200 is working, and i set this as a limit in ccc after that every game show me upto 1920x1200
  6. If that is ops issue then that could be helpful. Hopefully he takes this all into consideration and tries it for himself to figure it out.and report.back
  7. I'm running windows 7 64x

    Definitely isn't my rig:

    Mobo:: Asus P9x79 Pro
    CPU: 3930K
    Cooler: Noctua D14
    Ram: 32gb gskill 1600 (I do film scoring)

    Temps are all beautiful, etc etc.

    I can't even set the game res to 1366 x 768.
    Setting my screen resolution to 1920x1200 won't do anything but make my screen smaller and wiggly/jittery.
    I don't think that will allow the game to run better
  8. yeah didnt help
  9. no, running a game at 1920x1200 will not make your game jittery and screen smaller

    using 1920x1200 in desktop will make your screen smaller, but you can increase dpi,

    but i recommend to unlock resolution upto 1920x1200 and use 1360x768 for desktop and 1920x1200 in games

    games automatically adjusts their font size, and thus you will see all thing nomally,
    using 1920 in games will result in more CRISP image and then there is no need of filtering to reduce zigzag lines. And you will find this more appealing
  10. "hide modes which are not supported by my monitor"

    Where is this option exactly?
  11. Appearance and Personalization - Display - Screen Resolution

    Right clicked on the blue monitor - properties - monitor - uncheck "Hide modes that this monitor cannot display"

    Didn't do anything, same performance

    I've even tried switching my resolutions in my Nvidia control panel.
    This actually gave me a better screen reso, more options and less swigglies.

    But, same performance in games
  12. after unchecking that option, upto how much resolution is available to you, and have you tried any game,
    if still unable to get more resolution in games, then you will need to adjust some settings in nvidia control panel
  13. I'd just play on 1360x768. Considering how LCDs, work, it's only an illusion of 1920x1200 display, but it will still display it's native resolution. Except it will be taxing your graphics card and reduce the fps.
  14. illusion, how?

    When i use 1920x1200@75hz then every game seems to me more crispy and detailed, and with vsync on it shows a 75fps i.e, syncronized with refresh rate.
    Also my monitor also shows that i am using 1920x1200@75Hz (using buttons on my lcd)
  15. truegenius said:
    illusion, how?

    When i use 1920x1200@75hz then every game seems to me more crispy and detailed, and with vsync on it shows a 75fps i.e, syncronized with refresh rate.
    Also my monitor also shows that i am using 1920x1200@75Hz (using buttons on my lcd)

    Okay I'll explain how LCD monitors work.

    Basically, a fluorescent surface (backlight) is emitting white light (composite color). There's a polarization filter next, and when it crosses it, it becomes polarized: only horizontal electromagnetic field vectors may pass. This polarized light goes through a thin liquid crystal layer, which is controlled by electric field (depending on the color it needs to represent). The molecules change their angle depending on the electric field. Next, the light goes through a color filter, which only lets through it's color (Red, green or blue) and stops other color light. It makes the light the right color, however, it's no longer perfectly horizontal. That's why it passes a second polarization filter before hitting the screen.

    You see, the color filter is physically grid to 3x the native resolution pixels, one for each color (red, green or blue) per pixel, that's why it cannot display other resolution than the native one. When you ask for it, it will only downscale or upscale (depending if you set higher or lower than native resolution) the image, but it will not display the true specified resolution.

    When you see crispier image, it's because your card renders image at higher resolution, and it is only then downscaled. The similar quality enhancing method is known as "Super sampling anti-aliasing". It generates the higher resolution image and downscales it to match the required resolution.

    Hope you get a clearer picture now :)
  16. i already have clear picture of that but now it becomes hd quality :lol:

    but this method gives me better quality and fps than a x8 supersampling, x24 antialiasing and more refresh rate than its native
  17. You must be mixing up super sampling with multi sampling. That's different. Supersampling as a method of anti aliasing isn't used for very long time due to it being very slow.
  18. i don't use supersampling and antialiasing
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