Noob trying to build his first computer

Hi all.
Sorry for this being long but..I'm a 13 year old male who is looking to build his very first computer. I'm willing to put dedication and time into finding the right parts,and make sure everything is fine.
Before you think 'OMG,ANOTHER KID WHO WANTS TO BUILD A COMPUTER BUT PROBABLY CAN'T' I will be under the guidance of my dad,who has a job in IT,and my uncle,who again,has a major role in IT. Both my dad and uncle have built computers before many times,so i doubt we'll run into trouble with the three of us there. As far as money goes,i've never used Linux before,but seeing as i'm 13 trying to build a expensive computer,estimate 200-300 £'s,that's alot for me,so im considering Linux as a cheap alternative. I'll come to this later..
Okay,so,i have NO.CLUE. where to begin. I rarely see my dad ( We'll find time for it,though! ) Due to my disruptive sleep pattern,so i can't ask him for help,and the uncle is currently busy,so i come to you. where do i start building a computer? I have decided on the case,but i dont know which component to choose on first. I'm guessing i choose the psu first,so how many watts does a ABOVE AVERAGE BUT NOT FOR GAMING computer use on it's psu. Then i guess i need to decide on the motherboard,then graphics card?
I need a list of parts and which order to decide them on first,too.
I have the potential. I'm willing to do it. I will put so many hours researtching the parts if i have to..! I just don't know where to begin.
Thanks for your time if you made it this far down the very big paragraph :D
P.S. I'm sorry if i broke a age rule. I didn't see one.
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  1. Someone tell me the parts i have missed out on. RAM,ROM,PSU,CPU,GPU,graphics card,motherboard,processor,fans?
    I have insperation from my own computer,which is custom (Thank you,adam :D )
  2. gpu is graphic card.... your missing hdd and disk drive
  3. nick3232 said:
    gpu is graphic card.... your missing hdd and disk drive

    Oh,yeah! Thanks,man!
    learn something new every day :)
  4. fill this out it's a better idea to buy all the parts at once.

    some excellent videos to help you

    Building a computer is really easy and you should be able to do it by yourself.

    this is what i was able to come up with you don't need a gpu if your not gaming cpu doubles as gpu
  6. Do you have any parts you can save? $480 doesn't go a long way when you need a monitor and OS which eat up $250 right there. :( Also, you won't use this for gaming right?

    Go here:

    Build Tier 0.625/0.75. However, if you can salvage some parts, we can build you a MUCH better computer. :)
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